REAL Message Series

Every Wednesday Until March 22 6:30 pm

  1. Real – Start 8-week Message Series


2/1 – Real Christian
2/8 – Real Church (Discipleship, Membership, Giving)
2/15 – Real Why? (Why bad things happen, why is there evil?)
2/22 – Real Identity (Transgenderism, Body issues, Self harm) *in sanctuary*
3/1- Real Struggle (Anxiety, Depression)
3/8 – Real Dating (will also touch on Premarital Sex)
3/15 – Spring Break
3/22 – Real Sex (Porn, Premarital)
3/29 – Real Marriage (touching on LGBTQ, issues like divorce, etc)
This series is all about being “real” therefore, we will be having real conversations about real topics your kids face everyday. This will include some mature conversations talking about the LGBTQ community, Sex, Pornography, Self-Harm, Mental Health etc. I want to be clear my stance on these kinds of conversation is that we should talk about these topics because the world does, and if we are to have a “Real” conversation here the world is already teaching our kids on these topics.
Some Facts you may not know:
  • The average male has been exposed to Pornography of some kind by 10 
  • The fastest growing demographic watching pornography is 11th grade girls
  • 43 % of Teens have had sexual intercourse
  • Over 30% of teens have an anxiety order of some kind (1 in 3)
  • 50% of Marriages end in divorce and 30% among Christians
This is the world our Students live in everyday, and adding to that societal and media pressures to the mix. It is time we as Christians teach our ways and be real with these Teens who live in a very adult would. All of that being said, I still submit to you as parents in how you raise your child, so if you would like for your child to not participate in certain conversations I have included the topics for you so that they can be absent.